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      GRACE ON THE CASE: My mother has paid £65 a month for years to Sky for Call Line

      I went through my mother's bills since she is currently going through some financial difficulties. I was shocked to discover that an unknown payment was included in each of her Sky monthly bills since 2006. I reached out to customer services who advised these were Call Line Identification (CLI) charges. The charge was roughly £65 per month and initially Sky agreed to pay back 24 months worth, adding up to £1,560. However, this leaves around a further ten years of overpaid fees of around £8,500.

      NEW Investing in shares has been proven time and again to be your best chance of beating inflation. Even if you only do this with some of your money, that's something.

      I'm on a fixed energy tariff until March. What happens when the deal ends - will prices

      My gas and electricity is on a fixed rate deal with Octopus until March 2022 but I'm worried the energy price spike will send my bills soaring after that. My account says that I am on the Super Green Octopus 12 month fixed tariff and it runs until 13 March 2022. I am paying 2.91p/kWh and 26.06p per day for gas and 17.114/kWh and 24.49p per day for electricity, how does this compare to current prices and the price cap? Also, what will happen when the deal ends, am I likely to move onto whatever the variable rate price is then and suddenly see my bills jump?

      Among others, branches in?Beverley, Blackburn, Lincoln, Macclesfield, Nuneaton, Whitby and Wick are all due to close by early 2022, Virgin Money said in a statement today.

      The bank, backed by Goldman Sachs, has boosted both its regular easy-access account and cash Isa from 0.4 to 0.5%. But there is a simple trick to boost this to 0.6%.

      The pound slipped nearly 1 per cent to as low as $1.3413, a level last seen in December 2020. Economists are worried that Britain's recovery is slowing to a standstill, while prices are still rising.




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      BUSINESS LIVE: UK GDP jumps, Furlough ends, House price growth eases

      The UK economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter of 2021, jumping 5.5 per cent compared to forecasts of 4.8 per cent, Office for National Statistics data published today shows. The UK furlough scheme comes to an end today, despite protests from hard hit sectors pleading with the Government for another extension.

      The Takeover Panel said it would run up to five rounds of bidding on Saturday to determine the outcome of a takeover battle between US private equity predators Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and Fortress.

      Boohoo's pre-tax profits of £64million were down 20 per cent compared to 'exceptional levels of profitability' in the first half of 2020, but 32 per cent above the first half of 2019.

      Our defence companies play a crucial part in national security. Yet only two, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems, are protected from hostile takeovers and the risk they will fall into unsuitable hands.

      A combination of chip shortages and factories extending their summer shutdowns were the driving force behind the big decline, says the industry trade body.

      Texas-based Vista Equity Partners is buying Blue Prism for £1.1bn with co-founders Alastair Bathgate and David Moss and chief executive Jason Kingdon set to share a pay pot of more than £130m.

      The Financial Times claimed the firm had failed to disclose ties with Chinese firm VeriSilicon, whose chairman, Wayne Dai, is the brother-in-law of Alphawave executive director Sehat Sutardja.

      With the bidders for Morrisons to go head to head this Saturday, we can no longer describe a takeover auction, conducted by the City referee the Takeover Panel, as a rarity.

      Directors at the City broker pocketed £26.4m from selling shares in the float, and saw their remaining 16.3 per cent combined stake rise by £1.1m to £46.9m.

      Igloo Energy, Symbio Energy and Enstroga all go bust

      The biggest of the three, Igloo Energy, provided energy to around 179,000 domestic customers. Meanwhile, Symbio had 48,000 and Enstorga 6,000. Under Ofgem's safety net, the energy supply of Enstroga, Igloo Energy and Symbio Energy customers will continue and funds that domestic customers have paid into their accounts will be protected, where they are in credit.

      Could you live off grid and be self sufficient for energy?

      Matthew and Charis Watkinson, and their children Elsa and Billy, are some of the many Britons who have managed to evade the national energy crisis by becoming totally self-sufficient. The young family are one of tens of thousands of Britons who now live 'off-grid' - meaning they are totally disconnected from the national energy supply.

      House or the pension??The decision facing many divorcing couples

      Family law experts and financial advisers say that women are often too quick to accept the family home in a divorce settlement, overlooking the value of pension wealth. But advisers and solicitors also say an increasing number of women are now the family breadwinners, so must pay up in divorce. The latest figures show there were 107,599 divorces between men and women in 2019 - up 18.4 per cent from 90,871 the year before.

      My £1m equity release nightmare: Insurer hit widow with huge bill

      Jane Horton and her late husband David were given a 35-acre farm in the New Forest as a wedding gift in 1975. David was tragically killed in a riding accident in 2013 and after eight tiring years running the farm alone, Jane, 72, decided to put it on the market. Yet instead of being able to enjoy retirement, she was stunned to discover she would have to pay £1 million to clear a £384,000 equity release loan the couple had taken out 13 years earlier.

      ASK TONY: Thwarted pilgrimages left me praying I could reclaim £1,500!

      I booked two pilgrimages with Joe Walsh Tours to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to Padova [Padua] in Italy. Both were rescheduled from the original dates to 2021. I made payments of £574 and £50 by cheque in December 2019. I paid the balance of £900 for the Padova trip by bank transfer on January 31, 2020.

      Electric Rolls-Royce Spectre for 2023 sees first images revealed

      Official pictures of Spectre show it in camouflaged form only, with the details of the vehicle hidden by quotes from founders, the Honourable Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce. Despite the efforts to keep its looks under wraps, the outline of a sleek coupe-style body can still be clearly seen. With a two-door, sweeping body design, the Spectre hints at an electrified alternative to the brand's existing Wraith model rather than a replacement for the Ghost or Phantom limos. Bosses confirmed it will be built on an all-new flexible platform that will underpin all its plug-in cars developed over the course of becoming an all-electric vehicle maker by the end of the decade. Here's everything we know about the car so far...

      Online reservations open for the Grenadier as part of an 'early hand-raiser' for customers to 'express a strong interest' in being among the first to buy when it arrives next July.

      The company, which promises to deliver used cars to customers in as little as 72 hours, was only founded in 2018. Revenues rose 521 per cent to £248m in the six months to the end of June.

      Cost of food in Britain's supermarkets on the up, BRC says

      A toxic cocktail of Brexit 'red-tape', worker shortages, rising commodity prices and transport costs is driving food prices higher, the British Retail Consortium has warned. In September, food prices rose for the first time on an annual basis in six months, seeing a 0.1 per cent increase. Supermarkets have been hiking pay packets for HGV drivers in a bid to attract workers, which is squeezing margins and prompting grocers to raise prices to protect their bottom line.

      Wise, which allows customers to transfer money to other countries without incurring hefty fees, saw boss Kristo Kaarmann (pictured) branded 'a deliberate tax defaulter' by HMRC.

      The firm missed an $83.5million interest payment last week, and its silence on offshore payment obligations has left global investors facing heavy losses.

      Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley will step down as chief exec of his Frasers Group empire in May next year and hand the reins to Michael Murray, his daughter Anna's fiance (pictured together).

      Fulham Shore said it 'enjoyed a fantastic summer'. The restaurants have performed particularly well in the past three weeks, with sales up 33 per cent compared to the same period in 2019.

      MARKET REPORT: Next shares soar as profit forecast is raised to £800m

      Britain's biggest fashion retailer raised its forecasts for the fourth time this year - saying it now expects pre-tax profits in the 12 months to January 2022 of £800m. That is £36m higher than its previous guidance of £764m and the largest haul since 2016. However, the company raised several red flags, including potential staff shortages this Christmas.

      The retailer said it expects prices for shoppers to rise by around 2.5 per cent in the first half of 2022, and warned it was coming under pressure from staff shortages.

      Investors shrug off BoE Governor's suggestion of early rate hike

      Bailey said the Monetary Policy Committee are ready to do what is necessary to tackle the UK's stuttering economic recovery and rising inflation. Financial markets are pricing a 15 basis-point rise in interest rates in February 2022 and another in November, which would take the rate to 0.5 per cent.

      A handful of suppliers are currently advertising fixed gas and electricity deals for around £2,000 a year, based on a family's standard usage, after wholesale prices soared.

      Like almost one in two women who give birth, Katrina Middler (pictured with son Walter) suffered a pelvic organ prolapse during labour - making lifting and running around after her children hard.

      Best buy savings: Gatehouse Bank offers 1.51% fix for a year

      Gatehouse Bank has launched its Green Saver account paying 1.51%. It marks the first time rates have nudged past 1.5% for locking cash away for 12 months since May 2020. The challenger bank says that for every account opened, a tree will be planted in UK woodlands, a move which looks to capitalise on a movement for some towards making their finances greener.

      Four challenger investing apps: Wombat, Circa5000, Plum and Lightyear

      Hot on the heels of Britain's DIY investing big guns have come share trading apps, eToro, Freetrade and Trading 212, which promise to 'democratise' the investment industry with free share dealing and the ability to invest for less in big US names. But behind those established challengers is an even newer crop of platforms aiming to disrupt the industry: we look at Wombat, Plum, Circa5000 and Lightyear.

      Worries over inflation are denting stock market hopes, but 2021 has proved to be a good year for floats in the City of London.

      Britons are set to face the biggest squeeze on their finances in years next month as the Government cuts support introduced at the start of the pandemic while bills and household costs climb.

      I'm £3.51 over the pension credit limit so lose many other benefits

      How can this be right when if you're on less than £177.10 per week you're entitled to no end of help, which makes me worse off than the person getting the minimum amount. In real money I am worse off by hundreds of pounds, for example from a free TV licence, help with glasses and dentist bills, and so on. Please could you explain why this is not in scale with the £3.51 I am over per week. I appreciate there has to be a line drawn somewhere but the way it is happening is most unfair to people like me.

      Will and Chris Donnelly want to make it easier for people to find the right care home, launching comparison site and concierge service, Lottie.

      The price of wholesale gas for winter delivery rose by more than 20 per cent to 218.40p a therm in late morning trading, while carbon and coal prices also soared.

      How bad will the energy crunch get? This is Money podcast

      The week began with an energy crunch, as households woke up to the problems sending gas prices spiralling - and the impact that could have on their bills. It ended with a needless rush on petrol, as people were told there was no need to panic buy fuel… and some promptly panic bought it. On this episode we look at what's driving the problems with our bills and get an update on the state pension fiasco.



      What effect will 'green gilts' have on the planet and investors?

      The day before Johnson's UN speech, the UK Government revealed it had raised £10billion from selling 'green gilts,' a record amount for a sovereign green bond. This bond sale forms a core part of its plan for the UK to achieve its promised goal to become a net zero country by 2050 through investing and developing in renewable technologies, creating green jobs, and protecting Britain's biodiversity.

      GB stickers no longer valid in Europe as part of rule change

      Motorists driving their cars into Europe will from today need to display a new UK number plate or sticker, with the traditional GB sticker used on the back of cars no longer valid from 28 September. Anyone intending to use their UK-registered motors in Europe with a GB number plate will need to display a new 'UK' sticker, or have to order fresh number plates with the UK symbol displayed on the left-hand-side. The change is intended to be more inclusive of Northern Ireland in the wake of Brexit but sparked fury from drivers and motoring group who have since bemoaned the loss of the long-running GB emblem.

      The Swedish car maker will instead use bio-based and recycled materials where possible after finding increasingly?customers want sustainably sourced products.

      Automotive retailers say they have tracked huge spikes in electric vehicle interest in recent days, with panic buying of petrol potentially triggering the 'most influential switching event ever'.

      VCTs: What are they and should you invest?

      VCTs have enjoyed a boom in demand as investors flock to generous tax breaks - and ability to back up-and-coming businesses that have become hot property. In return for this higher risk investing in the companies seen as the future drivers of economic growth, investors get up to 30 per cent income tax relief and tax-free dividends. Recent high profile successes for venture capital include online used car seller Cazoo and fashion marketplace Depop.

      Law firm Leigh Day has officially started court proceedings against Link Fund Solutions Limited - which oversaw Neil Woodford's fund?on behalf of investors.

      Britain's biggest mutual says the move will help customers from falling victim to APP scams, where customers move money directly to criminals after being socially engineered.

      Number of homes snapped up this year will be highest since the financial crisis

      By the end of 2021, the estate agent Hamptons forecasts that 1.5m homes will have been sold across Britain - the biggest number since 2007. It believes property price growth will slow in the coming months. But, despite that, it estimates that values across Britain will be 13.5 per cent higher by 2024.

      The latest?House Price Index released by Zoopla shows that the housing market is continuing unabated, despite many experts anticipating a slowdown due to the end of the stamp duty holiday.

      Avro Energy customers moved to Octopus: What you need to know

      The ongoing energy bill crisis has seen a number of firms go bust and the watchdog's Supplier of Last Resort kick in. Avro have been the biggest casualty so far, and Octopus have stepped in to hoover up their customers.

      Most households will see their energy bills rise over the coming months, some by the equivalent of hundreds of pounds a year. But the increase will depend on what kind of deal you are on.

      Generation Investment Management, a fund set up by former US vice-president Al Gore, will take a stake of up to 13 per cent in the challenger energy supplier.

      Motorists can sell their unwanted vehicles for a bumper profit

      Average prices have rocketed 20 per cent since April, with even family cars attracting huge premiums. This price boom is due to an acute shortage of new vehicles - and a plethora of buyers, armed with spare money they did not spend on a foreign holiday. Motor analyst Cap HPI's latest data shows that the average price of a second-hand car has increased by a fifth in the past five months. Normally, they would have depreciated 5 per cent over this period.

      Forget the days of new young drivers taking to the road in a Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa or Fiat 500 as their first motor - instead, they are turning to flashier models from Audi and BMW.

      Consumer Fightback: I spent ages chasing AO for gas safety certificate

      Consumer Fightback columnist Helen Dewdney explains how to use the law and a letter to the chief executive to make a complaint, using the example of a readers she helped. Here's what you need to know for gas safety certificates and the legalities around the issue, and what your rights are under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

      The firm, which has seen 'significant' investment via Barclays' Sustainable Impact Capital initiative, expects to appoint corporate finance advisers in coming weeks.

      87% dividend tax grab from poorest hits hopes of improved income

      Announced this month as part of measures to boost the National Health Service, the hike in dividend taxes will eat into the income of many households who rely upon regular divis to supplement their finances. It comes into force at the start of the new tax year in April. Moira O'Neill, head of personal finance at wealth manager Interactive Investor, describes the Government grab as 'a tax on the time poor and on the bereaved widow left with a pile of share certificates to sort through'. She says it will be the over55s - the biggest holders of dividend-friendly companies such as AstraZeneca, BP and GlaxoSmith -Kline - who will take the biggest hit.

      Boss Sandy Chadha is a man of formidable energy and drive, his team is well chosen and the listing on AIM gives the business further impetus. At £1.87, the shares are a buy.

      Shareholders have been richly rewarded and they may be tempted to sell at £2.21. Cautious investors could reduce their holdings, but for some this remains a strong hold.

      TONY HETHERINGTON: Down drain, £640,000 pumped into water bond

      Our ace investigator reported on the issue back in January, but questions were unanswered. And those have gradually produced answers that show the whole business was based on lies and false claims. Global Water Group, based in Cambridge, has graduated from a mystery to a scam. It did indeed look good on paper, describing itself as a powerful network that included governments, academic institutions and pension funds. It is now clear there never was any such network.

      Best stocks & shares Isas: Pick the right DIY investment platform

      Choosing the right DIY platform is crucial but a wealth of choice and a variety of charges can leave investors scratching their heads. We pick some of the best. We pick some of the best. We also highlight why investing in an Isa makes sense, as it should protect your hopefully growing investments from tax forever.

      We pick our five favourite cash Isas for savers. This is essential Isa reading and is kept up-to-date throughout the year

      The average mortgage rate is edging down, as lenders bring back their full range of products and launch tantalising deals with interest of less than 1 per cent for those with lots of equity.

      If you are interested in buying shares or know more about unearthing good companies and valuing them, read our guide to share investing.

      Buy-to-let lost some of its spark in recent years but that might be about to change as new tax cuts and low mortgage rates have caused landlords to flock back to the market.

      Premium Bonds Winners

      Prize Area Value of bond
      £1,000,000 Shropshire £5,000
      £1,000,000 Bristol £5,000
      £100,000 Cheshire West and Chester £10,000
      £100,000 Dorset £15,000
      £100,000 Essex £37,500
      £100,000 Derbyshire £25,000
      £100,000 Shropshire £30,000
      £50,000 Hertfordshire £43,000
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